Transformative legal technologies are developing rapidly, yet are poorly understood by the legal industry. 

The latest advancements can fundamentally change the practise of law and enrich the lives of overworked lawyers. Efficiencies and economies of scale being derived from new technologies are already posing an existential threat to many client businesses – even entire occupations.

The Digital Lawyer’s mission is to educate readers about how new technological developments can benefit their personal and professional lives.  We inform readers of the challenges and opportunities technology poses to their practice, their clients and regulators.

We can also be contacted to discuss:

  • legal process automation and innovation consulting;
  • future-proofing firms through marketplace reviews of available legal technologies matched to internal requirements;
  • continuing legal education on a range of issues relevant for tomorrow’s digital lawyer;
  • incorporating technology best practices into internal policies and training resources;
  • drafting compelling thought leadership, current awareness articles and website copy to showcase your firm’s adoption of legal technologies; and
  • developing stunning websites for small firms on a shoestring budget using all-in-one platforms like Squarespace, Wix and Strikingly.