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The Digital Lawyer reaches a unique readership segmented across the key legal markets of Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Our readers are largely senior legal professionals, many of whom we reach directly through Twitter and LinkedIn. As all of our solutions are bespoke, please contact us to discuss your needs. At a high level, we're able to offer legal technology companies sponsored reviews, articles, and interviews and advertisements throughout The Digital Lawyer website with differing levels of visibility. Our writers are available to provide non-traditional services too, including:

  • writing advertising copy and content for product blogs;
  • user testing for legal technology solutions; and
  • marketplace reviews of competing legal technologies and their adoption by firms.

As an introduction to our work, we've set out below examples of our (non-sponsored) content. We look forward to discussing with you we can meet your needs. 

Our work

Country-specific legal technology overviews

We undertake extensive research on law firms around the world to understand how legal technology is being incorporated into practice. We hope lawyers after reading these articles discover how legal technology could be benefiting them.


Opinion-based legal technology articles

Our opinion series takes existing legal practices and argues that legal technology means such practices cannot continue.

Our first series - featured right - argues that current legal marketing practices need revision in the light of developments in legal technology. In brief, in a software-led world referring to 'the people' just doesn't make sense.

Our second series argues that legal technology has significant potential for improving how alternative fee arrangements are estimated.



Educational legal technology articles

Aimed at a more general legal audience, we aim to inform lawyers about how technology is impacting professional legal practice. Our hope is lawyers take action to avoid the scenarios we describe.


Purpose-specific legal technology overviews

We also cover how technology can be used to assist lawyers with specific legal problems. These articles focus on covering a range of different software solutions, usually in detail.


Junior lawyers’ writing skills just aren’t up to scratch.

Your bills are more than just overdue. Clients are data mining them. And the insights being gained are incredible – especially once clients start sharing them with each other. The pressure to demonstrate value and provide more detail in bills might not be being driven by what you think.

If you’re still scheduling meetings yourself, even internal ones, stop. You’re probably throwing away $20,000 per year – or more.


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