7 Books for Lawyers to Understand Technology

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5. Locked Down Practical Information Security for Lawyers.png

Sharon Nelson, David Riles and John Simek, Locked Down: Practical Information Security for Lawyers, 2016

We all know preserving a client’s confidential information is an essential duty of a lawyer, yet strangely information security is nearly always overlooked. With a number of law firms having already experienced malicious client data theft, Nelson, Riles and Simek have distilled the key fundamentals of information security for implementation in your practice. This book is a must read for today’s digital lawyer. 

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6. Encryption Made Simple for Lawyers.jpg

David Ries, John Smek and Sharon Nelson, Encryption Made Simple for Lawyers, 2016

The internet is surprisingly unsecured – and this seems to have been overlooked in the haste to adopt technology in law practices. Ries, Simek and Nelson demonstrate the importance of encryption. They argue that all lawyers should understand encryption and how to use it. More than just the intended recipient might be reading client documents and emails you send, so taking further steps to protect confidential information is essential. Happily, the authors have lived up to their promise of making encryption simple for lawyers.

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7. Privacy and Legal Issues in Cloud Computing.jpg

Anne Cheung and Rolf Weber, Privacy and Legal Issues in Cloud Computing, 2015

Legal technologies are increasingly moving into the cloud, yet comprehensive discussion around issues of access, control, ownership, location and privacy of data stored in the cloud is surprisingly rare. How lawyers can preserve the confidentiality of client information when that information is being uploaded to, and stored in, the cloud in a way consistent with their professional obligations is often overlooked. Cheung and Weber, together with a multi-disciplinary team of contributors, provide an essential overview of the myriad of legal issues impacting cloud computing.  This is a must read for any lawyer contemplating a cloud-based solution.  

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Jeffrey Allen and Ashley Hallene, Technology Tips for Lawyers and Other Business Professionals, 2017

Short technology tips to help lawyers practice more effectively and efficiently make this book a winner for today’s busy lawyer.

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10. Virtual Law Practice How to Deliver Legal Services Online, Second Edition.jpg

Stephanie Kimbro, Virtual Law Practice: How to Deliver Legal Services Online, Second Edition, 2015

While primarily relevant to US-based lawyers, non-US readers will still appreciate the discussion of issues such as professional standards and ethics, practice management and work/life balance. Anyone seeking to explore alternative legal services will benefit from reading this book.

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11. The ABA Cybersecurity Handbook A Resource for Attorneys, Law Firms, and Business Professionals.jpg

Jill Rhodes and Vincent Polley, The ABA Cybersecurity Handbook: A Resource for Attorneys, Law Firms, and Business Professionals, 2014

Lawyers will agree that crisis response, business continuity and disaster recovery plans are essential for clients. Your firm likely has policies about these. But only the best plans consider cybersecurity risks. How would your firm respond if confidential client information was stolen or leaked? The Handbook contains practical guidance for lawyers and their firm about defending against cyber threats and how best to respond if breached. Essential reading for today’s Digital Lawyer.

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12. Cloud Computing for Lawyers.jpg

Nicole Black, Cloud Computing for Lawyers, 2013

In-house servers are a rarity nowadays – usurped by vastly cheaper outsourced cloud solutions. But the challenges and risks of the cloud are frequently overlooked. Data security, confidentiality and access by third-parties are just a few issues to consider. Black’s work is a useful introduction to some of the risks and opportunities presented by cloud computing.

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