We offer bespoke continuing legal education seminars about the intersection of technology and legal practice. For lawyers based in Australia, we provide face-to-face seminars for audiences of any size. We're also able to record and digitally distribute our seminars for lawyers based overseas.


Our seminars


Lawyer engagement is crucial to a successful seminar. We work with firms to discover what will benefit their lawyers, and be the most engaging, to the audience attending. Handouts and exercises will be prepared for longer half-day or full-day seminars.

While we'll happily talk about anything relating to legal technology, we've listed 10 of our seminar ideas below. We can also discuss the issues discussed in our articles in more detail. Click through to our articles to be inspired.

  1. Introduction to legal technology: Easy ways to get started.
  2. 'New law' business models and how they threaten to change an industry.
  3. Are all legal tasks are capable of automation?
  4. Essential skills for lawyers to develop in the future.
  5. Ethical issues for lawyers in the digital age.
  6. Ransomware and spearfishing threats: How would you identify them?
  7. Your digital identity: What does the world know about you?
  8. Are your lawyers cyber-security ready?
  9. How technology impacts a lawyer's professional duties.
  10. Facilitating legal technology hackathons.


If you'd like to discuss how our seminars can benefit your lawyers, please contact:

Jonathan Gardner
Managing Director