Clients crave innovation. Are you falling out of favour?

Our motivation is to improve lawyers' understanding of the enormous potential (and competitive pressure) legal technology presents. In writing The Digital Lawyer website, we've found that lawyers are either:

  • unaware of available technologies or haven't appreciated the competitive threat that new technologies present; or
  • have begun to incorporate legal technology into their practice, but adoption is not widespread and that clients are largely unaware of the benefits the particular technology presents.

We can help. 

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Understand the opportunities


Knowing the market is essential. In the legal technology sphere, we think this incorporates both:

  1. Knowing the technologies available to your firm and how they could be implemented.
  2. Understanding how particular technologies are being implemented by other law firms, including competitors.

This was our aim behind our 'Country Focus' series - extracted right - which showcases how firms are using legal technology to benefit their clients. We've authored articles highlighting new tools for legal research and also replacements for legal assistants.

We are able to offer lawyers substantive reports which comprehensively catalogue the available technologies and their use cases, together with details of their adoption by firms and how the technology is being used.


Appreciate the risks

Although new technology presents enormous opportunities, there are also risks. Many lawyers will have never considered whether particular technologies present any risks for their professional duties. For example, maintaining client confidentiality when using cloud-based scheduling services

We believe all these risks can be managed. It's what our 'digital identity' series was aimed at. But if you aren't approaching these issues with a technology-first mindset, you'll never foresee the risk to begin with - let alone manage it.

To address this, we offer continuing legal education seminars about legal technology. Each session is bespoke and tailored to the needs of our audience. 

Communicate your value

We've found that lawyers do a poor job of communicating legal technology developments, even internally. 

Our writers can help get the message out. We provide extensive content marketing solutions for lawyers and are also able to offer sponsored mentions of your firm on The Digital Lawyer website.


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